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Searching for adult toys online can sometimes be very challenging. Take for example monster sites like which offers different types of adult toys for fairly good prices, but I would prefer a site that specialized in adult toys. You can search continuously on Google for adult toy stores and you'll find some specialize in dildos and lubes, others lingerie and others specialize in fuck machines such as:  But then you find this site which has all these products brought into one website here I was able to browse by a variety of different ategories.

They have everything from dildos, heels, sex machines to suction cups, fleshlights, kink items from Doc Johnson. The selection is incredibly large and the layout variety of choices I thought competed well with sites like pinkcherry which is simular. This is one of the best structured adult toy stores that I had ever come across online. Cybersexstar!

The products on this website are non-toxic, antibacterial and made of non-toxic formulas; even cadmium free. Products are extra safe to use and they're made in the USA.

So if you're seeking to enhance your sex life or as a live cam model your private shows, this is definitely a store to try shop.

I wanted to take this opportunity to tell you of a few things I would like you to get me if you happen to want to send me a little gift: send me a visa gift card by emaiI and I will get the products I want on  cybersexstar and use them with you during a private session show. It could be a selection of things that you would like me to wear if you find some lingerie or heels you want for me or have me try out a wider dildo during a show.

Shipping Anywhere in the world.

Here's a list of the things I'd like to have:

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by AtinaAquitane


What Nationality am I?:  I’m an authentic Greek Goddess, born in the south of Greece in a Village called Paleo Faliro.


What’s my natural hair color?: I am a really dark expresso brunette, but I get blonde streaks foiled in regularly.


What’s my shoe size?: I am a size 7-7.5 in shoes depending on the brand.


What’s my favorite color?: I like earth tones, but mostly beige and cream colors as well as the stone look.


What are my dream cars?: I like hotrods like the Challenger, or the new Camaro, and/or large SUV’s like the Hummer, Tahoe or trucks like the Avalanche or Raptor.


What kind of music do I like?: I like a variety of music, but more inclined toward: classical and classic rock. My playlist on youtube can give you a good idea of the music I appreciate.


What’s my favorite body part to train?: I like to train legs and glutes.


What do I look for in a Man?: Intellectual compatibility and similar life values.


What Is the best look for a Man?: I like a freshly shaved face, soft, smooth and ready for kisses.


What’s my favorite sexual position?: I like standing sex or any position that makes us both feel climax.

What’s my preference in penis size?: I like average to really large penises


What’s my preference in body hair?: I like a guy to be fully trimmed in the pubic area or hairless.


What languages do I speak?: I speak, Greek, Italian, Spanish, French.


What’s my favorite desert?: Cheesecakes, Flan, Greek Pastries


What do I prefer cooking or eating out?: I prefer cooking at home, but also enjoy eating out.


What do I believe love is?: Love is to always keep the promises you make to yourself.



   What browser and what type of computer for a live streaming experience?


From user experience, I have noticed that quite a few people are using  “google chrome” as browser when attempting to watch a live stream. Unfortunately it has been reported before by end users and I also have experienced it for myself that “google chrome” is not a user friendly browser when it comes to certain websites for the sole reason that its' configuration interferes with the settings of many websites. Specifically with the newest version of windows 10, Java is not compatible with google chrome and this will not allow you to view my live stream.  So, please don’t come see me for a live chat using “google chrome” in windows 10, you may not be able to enter my stream or view my live chat. Use Firefox or Explorer as your main browsers for things like watching live streaming chat; I use Firefox.

More end user friendly tools to have an uninterrupted live streaming experience should include a computer processor that is fast enough for you to use media flash player on without getting crashes and freezes. High computer processors include: dual or quad or more cores, with a 64 bit system, a high CPU speed range, HD graphics and the rest of course, state of the art. But, remember that the CPU speed range should be high and this is only possible on machines like i5’s and i7’ processors. If you are planning on getting yourself a new computer this Christmas, consider these suggestions to make your virtual sexy experience way better. And, if you plan on getting yourself a camera for some cam2cam in my chatroom make sure its compatible with your ghz and bit rate.

One last thing and very important one of course is the speed of your internet connection, intermediate connections will not allow for a smooth stream; don’t fool yourself in believing that your intermediate connection will stand a change in this fast paced world. You will need a high speed internet connection, so “get it.” Everyone knows that we need media flash player from to watch live streaming chat; make sure the version you currently have is up to date this way the standards to enjoying yourself without interruptions are set. Please do not download flash media player from anywhere else on the internet other than its creator: Imposter downloads are known to be dangerous for your computer. 


There are several other types of downloads that your machine will need to enhance and keep your streaming experience smooth and those  you will need to read up about. I already mentioned Java. Always download from real versions. It may also be that with the Opera browser or iphone OS and Ipad live streaming video may be a little different  here as well with these systems, but you will need to set your configurations properly to be able to use these innovative devises to do what regular computers are ready for. I have had chat sessions with people on Ipad’s and chat session with people on Iphone’s as well. I could receive typed text from those users in my chatroom, gold tips, but the cam2cam feature is not possible on mobile devices. Please, set yourself a little time aside to use the suggestions I made in this blog article to research for yourself and help make your machine a friendly one so you can definitely try a live streaming chat without issues.




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